Pat Achorn 艾帕特師傅

Pat Achorn 艾帕特師傅

PatPat has studied at Master Bow Sim Mark’s school in Boston, Chinese Wushu Research Institute (CWRI), since 2001.  She has been an instructor at CWRI since 2006. Pat is a member of the CWRI Performance Team, primarily participating in the demonstration of tai chi and tai chi fan forms. With the publication of Tai Chi Beginning, her most recent book, Master Mark certified Pat as an instructor.

In 2012, Pat opened Tai Chi Instruction (TCI), her own school in the Boston suburb of Canton, MA.  Master mark has recognized Tai Chi Instruction as one of the Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association (BSMTCAA) schools.  TCI offers beginner and intermediate tai chi classes, private lessons and introductory tai chi workshops.

Pat co-teaches the Sunday morning CWRI class in Boston with Cecilia Wong.  Pat is responsible for the extensive joint mobility, stretching and general conditioning warm ups that start every class; she leads group practice. Cecilia joins the second half of the Sunday class to provide detailed, focused coaching.

自2001年隨麥寶嬋宗師學習太極,2006 年在中國武術研究所任導師,亦為表演隊的成員 ,表演多以太極拳和太極扇為主。 在2012年,創校於麻省波士頓郊區廣州鎮,設有初級和中級太極班。 在麥寶嬋太極武藝協會的星期天班上,艾師傅負責熱身運動,和集體練習。黃修忻師傅負 責詳細的教導。