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Welcome to Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association!

In 1976, Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark founded the first Chinese Wushu Research Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Its purpose was to promote the study and practice of traditional and standardized martial arts from China. The Institute and its affiliated schools around the world offer a variety of classes, seminars, and publications.

  • Balance Body & Mind

    Relieve stress, improve physical function, engage the mind.

  • Healthy Daily Life

    Regular practice of tai chi promotes natural healing and awareness.

  • Stillness in Motion

    Tai chi is moving meditation; the mind remains calm while energy is directed through the movement.

  • Strength in Softness

    Build core strength and stamina through internal training.

Our Classes: Now In New Location!

Dragon Fan

Dragon Fan

Grandmaster Mark created this form, which combines pakua coiling with the weapon technique.



Exercises for mindfulness, gentle stretching, body awareness, and breath control.

Leung Yi (Tai Chi/Bagua)

Leung Yi (Tai Chi/Bagua)

A traditional internal form that combines elements of tai chi and bagua in elegant harmony. Classes held monthly on first...


Our Testimonials


Master Mark has created an outstanding series of Wushu books and instructional videos over her more than three decades of teaching and research in the U.S. They have sold in more than 30 countries around the world. The books and instructional videos provide the student with a precise break down of each movement as well as an extensive technique section that is unique to the form being studied. Critical feedback from a wide variety of students has been excellent. All are designed for self study.

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